Saturday, November 11, 2000

Went to this big party with all my friends yesterday. I drank some really strong beers so I got a little too drunk ... ones more!! I can't believe how disapointing it is for me to party right now! When we were in Plzen I had so much fun but now it just doesn't seem to work out for me. Maybe I should take a little break every time we party and just have a coupple of beers instead like 10!!!
Going to watch videos with my friends now, WITHOUT DRINKING, OKAY!

Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Today in school my teacher in ascient greece studies almost promised us that we should watch the movie "Magnolia" someday in class. Although I have already seen this 3 hour movie I'm quite pleased with it! My favorite movie is definetely "American Beauty" and this one has a touch of what made American Beauty so great!